About Book It with Miles

Frequent-flyer programs are incredibly complex and hard to understand. Only once you've collected thousands of miles in a certain program do you realize how frustrating it can be to book the flights you want.

Hi, I'm Justin

I have flown all over the world using airline miles and credit card points, and I can help you use yours too.

I've spent years studying and experimenting with all the major frequent-flyer and credit card programs. I know all the partnerships, rules, promotions, and tricks to get you where you want to go for the fewest amount of miles, taxes, and fees. I have booked hundreds of award tickets for myself, friends, and family - and I guarantee I can help you or you don't pay a dime!

Having amassed over a million airline miles and credit card points, I've been obsessed with getting the best value for them when I travel. I've been to over 21 countries (and counting!) and have traveled internationally at least once a month nearly every month for the past several years, all using my knowledge of frequent-flyer programs to maximize the number of miles I earn and minimize the number of miles I spend.

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